Who We Are

Hawaii Geophysical Services is a technological leader in the design and innovation of surface and ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems. If you need to see what is on the other side of a surface, our radar systems can safely help you define what you can’t see with the bare eye.

Management at Hawaii Geophysical Services

Lelan Hein at Hawaii Geophysical Services

Lelan Hein, President

Hawaii Geophysical Services (HGS) is owned by Lelan (Lee) Hein, who has over 35 years experience as a licensed contractor. During those 35 years, Lee gained experience and knowledge in multiple construction technologies. As a result, HGS is able to bring products, technologies and services to the marketplace for the benefit of its customers.

Lee’s background as a plumbing contractor led to the founding of HGS in 2002. As a swimming pool and plumbing contractor engaged in both leak detection and sewer repair, it was necessary to locate both conductive and non-conductive piping. A consequence of that work was the investigation of new technologies to add to the company’s “tool box.” Customers drove the expansion into the variety of technologies that HGS employs today, as well as the wide range of services it offers.

Paul Vierling at Hawaii Geophysical Services

Paul Vierling, General Manager
Paul Vierling began his career working with family owned businesses. He also has experience serving in various capacities from sales/marketing to executive management with several multinational organizations, both private and public.

Paul currently serves on the Hawaii State Public Utility Commission One Call Advisory Committee as a Building Industry Association representative, the Associated Building Contractor Board of Directors and is a member of the current founding group for the Hawaii Chapter of the National Utility Contractors Association.

Paul is the General Manager of HGS and has worked with HGS for over 10 years.

David Knight at Hawaii Geophysical Services

Halida Tuerxun, Office Manager
Halida Tuerxun is the Office Manager at HGS.

Technicians at Hawaii Geophysical Services

David Beasley at Hawaii Geophysical Services David Beasley, Field Supervisor/Master Technician
David has been at the forefront of Utility Locating Technologies and Sub-Surface Engineering (S.U.E.) since his participation in Virginia DOT’s pioneering advances in these fields. Having worked for Fortune 500 engineering firms in nine states and the District of Columbia, David brings several professionally recognized certifications and nearly 20 years of “real world” experience to HGS and the islands.

Larry Young at Hawaii Geophysical Services Larry Young, Senior Technician
Canaan Shon at Hawaii Geophysical Services Canaan Shon, Senior Technician