International Market Place

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Hawaii Geophysical Services is conducting an air excavation project at the new International Marketplace in Waikiki.. The water main line and laterals must be identified and exposed so that they may be replaced. The new International Market Place is scheduled to open on August 25, 2016 and will be the home to multiple retailers including Hawai’i’s first Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Hawaii Five-O

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Hawaii Geophysical Services (HGS) has provided Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services… acting services, that is… to Hawaii Five-0! Occasionally Hawaii Five-0 wishes to have real equipment and knowledgeable people operating the GPR equipment for one of their episodes. Some of HGS’s well-trained and experienced technicians and the HGS equipment have appeared in Hawaii Five-0 episodes in the past. Filming took place recently for an upcoming episode. Depending on final editing, look for Senior Technician Canaan Shon and/or HGS’s equipment in an episode scheduled to be aired on September 25, 2015!


Honolulu Sea Water Air Conditioning Project

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The man in the blue shirt is Canaan Shon, a senior technician with HGS. Paul Vierling, General Manager for HGS, is in the red shirt. Using the newest technology available from US Radar named “Quantum Ground Penetrating Radar” HGS is toning (or locating) utility conflicts for the design/engineering phase of the Honolulu Sea Water Air Conditioning project. This project will provide sea water air conditioning service to most of the high rise buildings in downtown Honolulu, saving millions annually in energy costs and making a sizeable positive impact on the carbon footprint in Hawaii.